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Case Studies 

Kooth Digital Health works with a multitude of different government, healthcare and community organisations. 


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Surrey and Borders
Partnership with Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
(Kooth, 11-18)

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust commissioned Kooth Digital Health as part of its integrated Children and Adolescent Mental Health programme. Kooth was commissioned to use and promote the web-based platform across the county. Kooth was used as a front door for children and young people that:

a) reduced demand on CAMHS and Primary Care services by providing high quality intervention in a lower cost digital setting
b) increased early intervention and prevention
c) increased accessibility of mental health services
d) reduced the time it took for a young person to access immediate support

Together, the service is promoted across the county to schools, mental health teams, primary care and broader stakeholders. 

During our partnership together we have:

●  Had 85,927 logins to the Kooth platform; with 76% of young people returning to the site on multiple occasions.
●  Helped 13,567 children and young people.
●  Conducted 6,069 chats with Kooth counsellors.
●  Exchanged 41,469 therapeutic messages.
●  Had 29,961 article views and 47,978 forum views.
●  And helped 71% of users outside traditional service hours.

During the COVID-19 crisis,
Kooth actively supported responses across Surrey delivering four bespoken webinars to approximately 120 professionals outlining the importance of mental health signposting and the Kooth offering in their area. A 20% uplift in service capacity and an expansion to 10 year olds was quickly utilised by young people, meeting a need within the county to provide additional support for CYP.

“Working together with Kooth colleagues has enhanced the support and care that we are
able to offer to Surrey Children and Young People. Kooth understands the issues that impact the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.”

Justine Leonard
Director of Children and Young People's Services,
Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust



Partnership with Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire MIND (Qwell, 18+)

Launching in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the online service provided essential emotional wellbeing support to adults across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Data published from April-June 2020, illustrates the reach of this partnership approach.


“CPSL Mind launched Qwell in April 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have been impressed by Kooth Digital Health's responsiveness and adaptability to service delivery. Their experience coupled with a collaborative and knowledgeable approach has allowed us to deliver a high-quality digital service in line with our values, and we are already receiving excellent feedback from people using the service”

Emily Gray
Deputy CEO/Director of Operations,

In just two months (April - June 2020), Kooth achieved:

●  3,323 logins to the qwell service by 627 new users.
●  13% of registrations were from minority ethnic groups
●  84% of new registrations returned to the site on multiple occasions
●  19% of new registrations engaged in professional support chat sessions with an online counsellor