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Cultivating openness, assurance, and dependability with stakeholders, parents/caregivers, and users.

Our commitment to transparency is central to our service. Below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions, providing clarity and understanding about our practices and values.

What is Kooth?

Founded in 2001, Kooth has been a pioneer and leader in digital mental healthcare and is committed to supporting youth to live healthier, happier lives. At Kooth, our purpose is to build mentally healthier populations, leaving no one behind. We achieve this by providing everyone with effective digital support from their first moment of need. Our strategy is to focus on supporting youth to help turn the tide on the growing mental health crisis and apply our learnings to deliver support for adults throughout their lives.
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Kooth provides a range of digital tools and interventions (including professional support in the form of counseling or coaching) to support individuals, offering a choice of early intervention options without the barriers of assessment and diagnosis. We believe, and have proven, that the “one size does not fit all,” stigma-free and low-barrier approach is key in helping individuals to more positively manage their mental health. 

Our accessible and self-directed platform empowers 17 million users worldwide to identify, manage, and address challenges, including anxiety, loneliness, and more. By providing access to culturally-relevant, evidence-based tools and techniques, Kooth equips users with the means to navigate life's ups and downs. Kooth’s platform combines private, confidential, professional mental health support with educational tools and resources and a supportive, positive community, enabling young people to build better lives. 

Kooth has a proven, tested model for delivering population-wide mental health services at scale. With more than 40 peer-reviewed research studies, Kooth has abundant evidence of its therapeutic, social, and economic impact. Not only does the right support improve health and wellness outcomes for exponentially more young people, but it can also potentially prevent bigger and more complex treatment needs in the future. 

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PA Superintendent 

Parents & Teachers

Youth Mental Health Crisis

Survey insights: A glimpse into Kooth's success


"I love the chat and forum features. It helps me express what I'm feeling without being judged."

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"Anonymity is important to me. I also really value that the practitioners are professionally trained and experienced in supporting people like me."


"You don't need referrals to access this. Nobody had to know, and it's anonymous. It's a great way of getting your feelings out there and getting the support you need right away for free, before it progressively gets worse."

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"I like that I can access Kooth as much or as little as I want. I can log-on whenever I don't know who else to ask for advice."


"I think Kooth is so good for kids like me that struggle with mental health."


"I feel safe talking about things with the Kooth counsellors. Being anonymous helps me to feel comfortable and it's harder for me to open up to someone in person."

Key results from this year’s survey include:


Of young people said it was important that they did not need a referral - to access the service.


Told us it was important that they could be anonymous on Kooth.


Of young people said it was important or very important that they had a choice in what they did on Kooth.


Would recommend Kooth to a friend.

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