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Kooth for US Health Systems

Increase access to effective behavioral healthcare while reducing costs and improving outcomes across your populations.

Over two decades of working with the NHS has helped Kooth cement clinical excellence within all aspects of its service.



Health Plans

Health Plans


Health Systems

Health Systems






Modernize your approach to behavioral health

Kooth helps health systems by:

  • Significantly improving access to Behavioral health services while improving outcomes across a population
  • Reducing waiting lists for Behavioral Health services
  • Extending Clinician capacity
  • Determining appropriate clinical resource allocation
  • Facilitating the addition and /or expansion of a Behavioral Health service line
  • Improving relapse prevention
  • Supporting medicaid and medicare populations
  • Increasing new revenue opportunities
  • Research partnerships

Kooth follows district policies and is compliant with FERPA and HIPAA


Integrate with your existing provisions

Kooth is designed to work with your local referral pathways, to allow for a seamless transition between internal and external services that are available to your population. 

An engagement plan that works for you 

Kooth's mobilization teams assist with promotion, marketing and engagement to both service users and wider stakeholders within your area to maximise usage and awareness.

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